For fans of SHINee wishing to be MISS SHAWOL, a blog was created for the beautiful SHINEE’s fan.


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[Miss EXOtic] Miss Suho, Miss Xiumin, Miss Chen and Miss Kyungsoo (D.O)

If write by private message or here.

[for those who want to participate] the most beautiful fans of exo.

The next choice isMiss SuhoMiss Kyungsoo (D.O)Miss Chen and Miss Xiumin. Please, to participate you must have at least one pic in your tumblr.

The Miss chosen so far is:

Miss Kai (kaicecream) Miss Sehun (fabulousehun) Miss Luhan (babyfacepowa) Miss Chanyeol (Chanyeolll) Miss BaekHyun (effyeol) Miss Kris (heavensecret) Miss Tao (fallenjongin) Miss Lay (kais-nipple).


Who chooses the miss exotics?

I (Paris) more two friends (Heidi / Nicole). We make college of fashion and design.

What is the purpose of the exotic miss?

Select the EXO’s most beautiful fans.

What needs to participate?


The girls are selected for beauty?

Yes. This is a beauty contest online. So who it’s within the patterns ideas of beauty… becomes miss exotic.

I want to be Miss Kai, can I?

Yes. But you should be aware that will be competing in beauty with the current Miss Kai.

This blog is ridiculous and it hurts my self-esteem!

Sorry, but the blog was not done with meant to hurt the self-esteem of EXO’s fans. But if you feel that way, just do not come here.

All EXO’s fans are beautiful!

I agree. But there are those fans who are prettier.


Miss EXOtics: ranking of the most beautiful (for the time being)

- Miss Kai.

- Miss Sehun.

- Miss Chanyeol.

- Miss Kris.

- Miss Luhan.

- Miss BaekHyun.

- Miss Tao.

- Miss Lay.


The Most Beautiful Fans Of EXO [Part 2]

Miss BaekHyun: effyeol

Miss Kris: heavensecret

Miss Tao: fallenjongin

Miss Lay: kais-nipple

Miss EXOtics [Part 1]

[For those who want to participate] The most beautiful fans of EXO.

The next choice is: Miss BaekHyun, Miss KrisMiss Tao and Miss Lay I don’t have access to all blogs of exo, Then… the girls want to participate just answer this post with the name of your bias - Baekhyun, Kris, Tao or Lay.

The Miss chosen so far is:

Miss Kai (kaicecream)  Miss Luhan (babyfacepowa) Miss Sehun (fabulousehun) Miss Chanyeol (Chanyeolll) and ?

The Most Beautiful Fans Of EXO [Part 1]

Miss Kai: kaicecream - Julie, the most beautiful 4ever

Miss Luhan: babyfacepowa

Miss Sehun: fabulousehun

Miss Chanyeol: chanyeolll

Miss EXOtics [Part 2]